About Me

I found financial freedom. Let me help you find it too.

I spent a considerable amount of my life focused on doing the things I thought I was supposed to do. This included collecting fancy degrees, working my way up the corporate ladder in a finance job, and saving religiously for retirement. I was playing it safe and it showed.

Despite two strong incomes, my partner and I felt trapped on a hamster wheel of endless workdays, rising expenses, and expectations. As our household income grew, so did our stress.

Several years ago, we made a choice to begin pursuing our passion- real estate investing. We did so with the goal of creating income streams that would ultimately give us the freedom to chart our own course. It took sacrifices and trade offs, but we built our financial springboard one step at a time while raising young children.

Our real estate portfolio has grown to ~$3mm in assets and we earn ~$200k a year in passive income. We believe this is just the beginning of what is possible.

This is my story, but what is yours?

Whether you are just starting out or well on your way, let’s EARN. GROW. PROSPER.

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