Why I Quit Boutique Fitness…

Before the pandemic hit, I was spending a lot of time and money taking expensive spinning and bootcamp classes. I loved the music, high energy, and escape from winter weather, so I allowed myself this indulgence because I justified it as self-care. Fast forward to March 2020, many gyms and boutique studios closed for good and shifted their offerings online. While it was tempting to continue to take these classes via Zoom or invest in an expensive piece of equipment like a Peloton bike, I decided to take my fitness in a different direction.

Here are a few reasons why I quit boutique fitness & never looked back!

  1. The Expense– Classes at SoulCycle or Barrys Bootcamp cost $30 or more and I felt I needed to take a minimum of 3-4 classes per week to reach my goal level of fitness. The problem with adding this type of expense is that the more you take these classes, the more you tend to spend on clothing, add ons like smoothies, not to mention gas and parking charges! In a major city like New York, it would be very easy to drop $600 a month on fitness.
  2. The Experience– The irony of boutique fitness is that the best instructors tend to be the ones whose classes are the most jammed with people. Outside of the odd weekday class with low attendance, I found myself crammed into a room with more people and less attention from the best instructors. Ultimately, I decided it was better to invest this money in 1-1 training or a smaller group experience.
  3. The Thrill of the Outdoors– One thing that the pandemic and lockdown demonstrated is that getting outside in the elements, exposure to fresh air and sunlight, is unbeatable when it comes to mental and physical health. When you spend most of your days in an office or sitting at a desk working from home, it’s even more important to have an excuse to spend time outside. Find a running partner or tune up your old bicycle and head outside. Don’t let a bad weather day deter you either. With the proper clothing and shoes, most days are perfectly suitable for even a half hour outdoor workout. Better yet, sign up for a race or challenge to keep your motivation. Every time you lace up your shoes, you are saving money and doing wonders for your health and happiness.

What pre-pandemic indulgence have you cut back on and how has it improved your financial life?

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One thought on “Why I Quit Boutique Fitness…

  1. I agree that running/cycling is a great way to stay fit, stay in touch with the real world and is really enjoyable. However, I also think it’s great from a social point of view. If you can get together with some friends or join a club then you get so much more than just the running/cycling – you get motivated, encouraged and have a laugh. Certainly in the UK it is quite easy to join a running/jogging/cycling club so I would definitely recommend that. As for giving up things – the commute to work! That saved me a lot of money but I miss rubbing shoulders with my work colleagues and friends.


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